The Woodshed- Fort Worth, TX

Located along the Trinity River down the road from Texas Christian University sits Tim Love’s restaurant The Woodshed. The place matches the name exactly, different smoking woods from mesquite to pecan sit in sheds outside the bar area. When it’s not raining, one can enjoy the twinkling lights and live music outside overlooking the Trinity River.

Upon entering you are greeted by lovely hostesses and a flaming hot grill behind glass. As you’re waiting to be seated, which may take an hour if you’re a larger group, the hot grill burns your back, the waiting area is directly in front of the kitchen. It’s not like walking into a real barbecue place where you can see the smoke pit from afar or walk up to see it if you’re more curious, here all you see is a basic grill and greeted by it burning you.

Our waitress kindly sat us down at a table in the bar area and, after having to ask for more chairs, our party of nine was squished together.  Our waitress did take good care of us all making sure we were taken care of and happy.

Now on to what we had hoped to be the good part, the food. We got an order of tortilla chips and salsa to start and it was basic, but the mixture of spices that topped the chips was a nice combination that tickled your taste buds, but didn’t burn your tongue off either.

As the main course I ordered the Butcher’s Sandwich which consisted of the brisket, pulled pork, sausage of the day (rabbit and rattlesnake), coleslaw, pickles and mustard. I figured it would be a good way to taste each of the meats on the menu. It was, but it lacked any flavor. The wood that sat outside seemed non-existent and the brisket had barely any of a smoke ring. Smoking meats takes time, patience, and skill and being a Tim Love restaurant you would think this would be accomplished. Sadly it was less than spectacular. The coleslaw was the only good part of the sandwich, but could have used some pepper. It at least wasn’t drowned with mayo. You didn’t receive any barbecue sauce either which have helped the meat I’m sure. However, the Mexican corn saved the day with it’s perfectly cooked kernels on the cob, excellent mixture of spices similar to what was on the chips, and cheese. It was the only thing that was completely finished.

Overall, the atmosphere at The Woodshed was electrifying, full of fun, up beat people young and old, football games on the televisions, and music filling the air. The food needed some more pizazz and the meat needed a bit more effort in terms of smoking it. As far as barbecue goes it was far from that, you can get much better smoked meats at a better price anywhere else in Fort Worth. Perhaps an American style restaurant?


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