Uncle Julio’s- Fort Worth, TX

TexMex is obviously a staple in your diet when living in Texas. It’s hard not to enjoy the home cooked feeling along with the warm chips and salsa. With plenty of texmex places in the area, it can sometimes be hard to decide where to go. However, being the only Fort Worth location, Uncle Julio’s off Camp Bowie is always packed. Always, as Snape said. You have to wait in line to put your name on a list at least an hour before you want to eat. It’s that popular. And it’s hard to only go once and not come back.

Uncle Julio’s has such a relaxed vibe, friends can go and meet at the bar or parties can go to celebrate a momentous birthday. Either way the long wait is well worth it. Before your drink order is even taken they plop a basket of chips in front you and your own salsa dish. Dangerous, especially since they don’t give you a little plate to at least try to control how many chips you take. They are so good they are bad. And the salsa is amazing, especially if you like spicy.

I ordered the classic beef fajitas, their “original fajitas” as the menu puts it. They come out piping hot, sizzling so much they tell you not to touch the plate. You get a group of sides as well and you feel like you’re taking up the whole table with you extravagant meal. That first bite of meat mixed with red and green peppers and onions makes your mouth extremely happy. All the flavors are there in the meat and it’s completely satisfying. You can make little wraps with the condiments it comes with, including guacamole, and you have a great meal. The fajitas for one is quite large, so unless you have self control (unlike myself) and don’t eat too many chips, then it’s a good amount. If you can convince your friend to share it with you, the single serving though. Otherwise you are left to leave it or take it home. I suggest if you take it home you have it the next day, maybe use the peppers and onions in an omelette the next morning, because after waiting two days the meat was rubbery and I couldn’t make myself eat it.

Uncle Julio’s has options for everyone, they even have a separate gluten free menu. They host anyone and everyone and the service is always on point. If you are in the mood for some good texmex, Uncle Julio’s is the place to go!


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