Prezza- Boston, MA

Many people when they think of Boston think of the history that happened here. Many people, also, think of Italian food. The prestigious North End, where you can find the Paul Revere House and Old North Church, is the Little Italy of Boston. Jam packed with Italian markets, restaurants, and bakeries, it’s hard to get a bad meal there. However, it is possible to get an out of this world, I feel like I’m in Italy meal. This restaurant is Prezza. 

Located just off the main drag of Hanover St sits Prezza, it’s dark ambiance setting the mood for a high end meal. It is listed under the three dollar sign end, but trust me it is well worth the money. 

Our waiter was right out of Italy, the accent, the charm, the whole nine yards. You could see his passion and desire to make our meal a spectacular one. The other waitstaff were very good about keeping our water glasses full at all times, too. 

Firstly, the bread. This isn’t just any bread, this is bread served warm, crunchy crust and fluffy on the inside. To go with? The real olive oil, none of that fake stuff, you could taste the quality and the Italian behind it. Same goes with our appetizer, simple tomato and mozzarella with balsamic and oil. The balsamic was practically off the boat, having that tang only the real stuff truly captures. We had to ask for more bread, we couldn’t dare to waste it. 

For my main dish I got the gnocchi alla bolognese. The gnocchi was cooked just right and the meat ragout was outstanding. I would recommend getting the appetizer portion, gnocchi especially can be filling and it was just the right amount of food. I also recommend the veal, this chef knows how to cook, but really knows how to cook veal. Also the meatballs with sausage and ribs. You could taste how homemade the meatballs were, the ribs were falling off the bone, and the sausage was just amazing. 

Although on the higher end of the scale, Prezza is extraordinary. So much so, we declared upon our departure “this is our new restaurant”. I’m sure this means there will be many more posts to come of the other items on the Prezza menu.  



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