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Skinny Frozen Peanut Butter Pies

Sometimes it’s hard to find a recipe that combines not only chocolate and peanut butter, but also a low calorie count. Not to mention, sometimes you just don’t feel like slaving away at a three tier cake and want something delicious, but easy to make. This recipe, from Crazy for Crust, combines all of the above. 

This recipe is the easiest thing in the world, the hardest part was probably obstaining from eating the whipped topping. Also, thanks to the creator Dorothy at Crazy for Crust, it’s under 200 calories! That’s thanks to the low fat ingredients she used. The worst ingredient was the butter, but that’s hard to avoid in any baked good. What I also like about this recipe is the peanut butter is subtle, it’s not overpowering, just the right amount. 

She recommends leaving these tasty treats in the freezer overnight. I started making these around three fifteen in the afternoon and needed them that night. Helpful hint, I stuck the cupcake tin and liners in the freezer while I made both the graham cracker and butter mixture and whipped topping. Then I assembled it all, which I think helped a lot. When it came to eating them at nine that evening, I think they had the right amount of time! No matter what, like the blogger says, the crust is going to be crumbly, but the topping and chocolate chips would have been pretty frozen solid if left overnight I think. 

This recipe is going to be a go to for me, for parties and for when I’m hankering for chocolate and peanut butter! Thank goodness they are skinny!



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