The Longoria’s BBQ- Everman, TX

If you’re itching to get out of the city and do some exploring, I suggest throwing on some jeans and a t shirt and kicking back at Longoria’s in Everman. Fifteen minutes south of downtown Fort Worth down 35W is little old Everman, TX. Wide open spaces? A little, yes! It’s exactly what you think of when you hear ‘the outskirts of town’. Take the extra fifteen minute drive for number eighteen best ranked bbq out of fifty! 

I went down with my dad (I suggest not going alone, however you aren’t quivering for your life) and upon pulling in, you know it’s the real deal. The menu has all kinds of delicious sounding meats, but we went with the chopped brisket sandwich. 

When they bring it out to you, the sandwich is wrapped in paper and your mouth is anticipating the goodness. More like amazing, because this brisket had a beautiful smoky flavor and the sweet sauce balanced it out. I could have eaten the sauce by itself, it was that good. The brisket was cooked perfectly and again that smoky flavor was right on. 

If you feel like exposing your family or loved ones to a different side of the city and try some good bbq, I would make the trip to Everman. The Longoria’s BBQ has now made it to my list of favorite BBQ places. 


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