Rodeo Goat- Fort Worth, TX

The West 7th Area of Fort Worth has become a center of social masses, from the number of restaurants and bars to little shops to the gigantic Movie Tavern in the center. Everyone is there on a Saturday night, and why not? It’s the perfect area to get a group of friends and get a good bite to eat. However, just a few blocks down on Bledsoe and Currie is Rodeo Goat. 

Now you’re probably thinking this place probably serves organic goats milk and cheeses or something. Nope, almost the opposite. It’s a higher end burger place! It’s a great casual place to go to with friends, however beware! They don’t take reservations so be sure to get there an hour before you want to eat so you can get your name down. They are pretty good at getting people in and out, but it’s also worth the wait. They have outdoor seating too so if you can stand the Texas heat in the summer, go for it. 

Upon walking in you definitely get the cozy, bar feeling. There are stools and bar tops for seating so it’s pretty casual. Be aware that they are stools, so no backs, and ladies there really isn’t a place to put your purse other than your lap.

We ordered our food right away, since we had been waiting a while (which I highly suggest, just speeds the whole process a bit in this kind of place). The burgers are all pretty different, from each other and from your typical burger. You can also substitute a beef patty with chicken, turkey, quinoa, or veggie burger, they truly cater to all which is refreshing! 

I ordered the Cowboy Murrin, with bacon, jalapeños, tomato, fried onion, pickle chutney, cheddar, and homemade BBQ sauce. See what I mean by “not your typical burger”? All the burgers have at least five toppings on it. Now a crowd favorite is the Chaca Oaxaca, just a FYI if the Cowboy doesn’t appeal to you. 

The food came out in a pretty timely manner for being a Saturday night, and our server was awesome! He was super chill and got us covered and did it all timely.

The burger was pretty damn good. I would say the beef itself wasn’t amazing (compared to the burger at Wahlburgers; see previous post) but also not awful, and all the toppings and everything together worked in perfect harmony. The flavors were all there and they all worked together. The bun was really good surprisingly, it almost overshadowed the burger itself.  The pickles that were on the side were also amazing, you could taste how fresh they were, definitely made in house. 

Overall I was impressed with Rodeo Goat! I would definitely go back and try some of their other burgers or menu items (what are these Goat Balls?) and enjoy watching the game and being with friends. 




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