American, Breakfast

Brewed- Fort Worth, TX

The hipster subculture is broadly associated with indie and alternative music, a varied non-mainstream fashion sensibility (including vintage and thrift store-bought clothes), generally progressive political views, organic and artisanal foods, and alternative lifestyles. Being ‘hipster’ is the newest fad in society and Fort Worth has jumped on the bandwagon. 
Brewed is a local coffee/breakfast house by day and beer bar by night. It’s the epitome of swanky hipster. The entire restaurant is filled with antique findings, vintage mirrors and artwork, and amazing food and fresh brewed coffee. 

This place is happening! If you want to eat at 10, get there at 9:30. It’s everyone’s go to place for brunch so be prepared for that and for shortage of parking behind the restaurant. 

Firstly, you have to get a cup of coffee when you come here. If you’re not a coffee drinker then their hot chocolate is fabulous. Their mocha, pictured, is delectable and they do the classic foam artwork which makes it Instagram worthy. The iced Thai-licious is full of flavors of Asia. 

 The food is pretty standard. I wouldn’t say “you should totally come here for the scrambled eggs”, but the food is still delicious with a menu featuring items from pork barbecue to goat cheese. 
The first item pictured is The Carnivore. You can ask your server to have the kitchen make the eggs how you like them, in the picture they are scrambled. The eggs were a bit bland, but scrambled nicely. The Nueske’s bacon was nice and crispy and satisfied that bacon craving. The pork barbecue wasn’t like Carolina barbecue, let’s just say it’s a good thing Texas barbecue is beef. They weren’t seasoned all that much, but they were still cooked nicely and filled you up. The sausage patty was actually amazing. The seasoning in the sausage was really complimentary and I had to slow down eating it so I could save it as my last bite. 

Pictured below is the Good Egg White Omelette. This is the menu item with the delicious goat cheese. The mushrooms and onions were cooked beautifully and the open faced omelette was delicious. The garlic toast was fabulous and really complimented the whole dish, a good side for this menu item. 

Lastly, we got an order of the Donut Dippers. How can you go wrong?! It came with a delicious fresh fruit compote. The crystal sugar is a bit heavy so I would suggest brushing some of that off unless you’re into it. They were cooked beautifully and our batch was hot and fresh out of the kitchen. They were nice and crisp on the outside but dense and soft on the inside. 

Overall Brewed is a really cool Fort Worth spot to just catch up with friends, whether it’s for brunch or in the evening when it converts to a bar. Brewed is a classic Instagram worthy restaurant serving delicious food and providing a great atmosphere.   


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