Ice Cream, Sweets

Melt- Fort Worth, TX

Let’s be honest, it’s never too cold for ice cream. There is something about ice cream that just immediately comforts you, even on a cold winters night when you have a bowl snuggling with you under the blankets. With Blue Bell only recently coming back, what have the people of Fort Worth been doing? Getting their ice cream fix at Melt. 

Located just a ways down West Rosedale, practically to Hemphill Street, sits the bright coloured yellow store front of Melt. Only having made its debut in the last year or two, you walk in and can feel the warmth of friends and the sweet smells of the always changing delicious ice cream flavours. The down part of the space is the size. There really isn’t much parking besides the street and the store itself is very small. Prepare yourself if it ends up being crowded and you planned to sit there and enjoy your ice cream. 

It’s all the real stuff, homemade ice cream, homemade waffle cones, the whole shebang. The most recent time I went they had an assortment of fall inspired flavours. From a chocolate marshmallow hot chocolate to chai spiced ice creams, it all tasted like fall. I ended up going with the Apples and Oats flavour. 

Not only did it taste like an apple pie, but it had real apples and oats in the ice cream. That’s when you know it’s legit. Every bite was more and more delicious, the base of the ice cream being super creamy and dense like you’d want a cup of ice cream to be.  

Melt doesn’t have a website, but they are on Facebook where their hours and location is posted. I highly recommend you and your family try this cute little place out, it’s worth the wait (even if there is a line!) 



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