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Mash’d- Fort Worth, TX

Hello readers! Sorry I’ve been missing in action, but I hope this post makes up for it because it’s a very delicious one! Yes, this is my second post on Mash’d, however, we’re entering new culinary territory at this popular restaurant. Brunch, or to quote the website, ‘badass brunch’.

Let’s start with the fact that they have two dollar mimosas. Two dollars. Granted, they are a little small, but if you’re not drinking to get drunk like me go for it! It’s probably cheaper than other places and it’s just as delicious. 

I’ve already done a post on Mash’d, but I still love the atmosphere and the West 7th area. The restaurant certainly wasn’t as roudy as it can get in the evenings, it was actually quite pleasant seeing families and groups of friends getting together. It has become a hotspot for brunch in Fort Worth, from the great outdoor patio space to the clever morning newspaper menu.

Now the food! I ordered the Mash’d Tator Eggsplosion. An eggsplosion it was, an iron skillet with “mash’d tators” (mashed potatoes essentially), with cheddar cheese, scrambled eggs, chopped bacon and a sour cream drizzle. All the components of this dish not only worked harmoniously, individually they each tasted delicious. The eggs were so delicately folded and the melted cheese was simply incredible. The potatoes had a great taste to them, I could definitely just eat a hot cast iron skillet of those potatoes. The seasoning of the potatoes was very yummy, but some more salt and pepper would be my only critique, just a little bit more seasoning!

I think brunch at Mash’d could easily become a regular thing for me. The food was amazing, drinks a great price, all you have to do is add the company and your Saturday or Sunday will be off to a great start! I suggest making a reservation, which they accept via phone or Open Table online! Why not ensure getting that delicious brunch and making it a date! Highly recommend you hit up Mash’d! Happy eating! 

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Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

I don’t know about you, but I always seem to be going through bananas like crazy. Yes, because I’m eating them all, but also because they turn brown so quickly. So what should you do with ripe bananas? Make banana bread of course! And because you should always have chocolate chips in your house, why wouldn’t you make banana bread with them in it! I originally found this recipe on Pinterest and it is by far my favorite. Tina’s Chic Corner recipe is adapted perfectly, especially with the use of Greek yogurt. Other than that, every ingredient is pretty standard that most people have them in the house so if you’re looking for a nice breakfast idea for the family or just for yourself I highly recommend this! I’ve also wrapped it in aluminum foil and have been able to nibble at it for a couple days after baking it. Makes for a quick and delicious breakfast on the go! Prep is easy and baking time is perfect! Happy Baking! 

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Buon Giorno Coffee- Fort Worth, TX

Coffee shops are pretty common, I mean there’s practically a Starbucks on every corner, but the newest craze has been ‘hipster coffee shops’. Micro roasteries, as some call themselves, are the biggest thing since cupcake shops. Everyone wants to get a handcrafted mocha with a cool leaf design and Instagram it with their favorite filter. Coincidentally, I fall under this category and put it to use at Buon Giorno Coffee.

Right in downtown Fort Worth, just off Henderson Street near Lancaster Ave, sits Buon Giorno Coffee. It’s tucked back a bit, you would have to had google coffee shops to be able to find it most likely. It’s a smaller little place, with little parking in front leaving street parking to be the alternative. It’s worth finding a spot though. 

When you walk in, it’s like other coffee shops in Fort Worth (Brewed, Avoca Coffee Roasters). Very hipster and quaint, delicious pastries right out front in the case, classical music quietly playing in the background, but unlike the other ones Buon Giorno, like its name, attempts to take your taste buds to Italy. Although it doesn’t necessarily feel like Italia, you’ll have to read on to see if it tastes like Italia! This being my first time, I got not only a handcrafted beverage, but a delicious looking and recommended brioche. The man at the counter was very nice and told me his favorites and the shops most noteworthy pastries, he knew his stuff so don’t be afraid to ask them what they suggest!

I ordered the Menta Mocha, or mint dark chocolate coffee. It was quite delicious, what I can remember from my trips to Italy is that the flavors are bold yet subtle. This mocha was just that, the peppermint didn’t overpower the bold mocha taste, subtle and delicious. And naturally I got myself a heart shaped design, no leaves this time.  

As recommended, I ordered the sausage and cheese brioche. I honestly half expected something like the savory pastries at Starbucks…I was 80% correct. The brioche itself was delicious, the pastry was well baked. The sausage was quite tasty, too. The reason for my review is more the construction and lack of cheese with which the name describes. The little cheese inside was smothered on the side and you really didn’t get much. There was a lot of empty space inside the brioche. Each individual ingredient was delicious though, I would certainly order it again. I mean, it’s hard to resist a well baked brioche!  

Overall, I enjoyed everything about Buon Giorno, from the guy who helped me decide to the guy who cleared my dishes. I would grab Harry Potter and make the drive out there to sit and relax any day, definitely venture and try something new, and experience a different Italian-esqe coffee, each and every time. 

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Brewed- Fort Worth, TX

The hipster subculture is broadly associated with indie and alternative music, a varied non-mainstream fashion sensibility (including vintage and thrift store-bought clothes), generally progressive political views, organic and artisanal foods, and alternative lifestyles. Being ‘hipster’ is the newest fad in society and Fort Worth has jumped on the bandwagon. 
Brewed is a local coffee/breakfast house by day and beer bar by night. It’s the epitome of swanky hipster. The entire restaurant is filled with antique findings, vintage mirrors and artwork, and amazing food and fresh brewed coffee. 

This place is happening! If you want to eat at 10, get there at 9:30. It’s everyone’s go to place for brunch so be prepared for that and for shortage of parking behind the restaurant. 

Firstly, you have to get a cup of coffee when you come here. If you’re not a coffee drinker then their hot chocolate is fabulous. Their mocha, pictured, is delectable and they do the classic foam artwork which makes it Instagram worthy. The iced Thai-licious is full of flavors of Asia. 

 The food is pretty standard. I wouldn’t say “you should totally come here for the scrambled eggs”, but the food is still delicious with a menu featuring items from pork barbecue to goat cheese. 
The first item pictured is The Carnivore. You can ask your server to have the kitchen make the eggs how you like them, in the picture they are scrambled. The eggs were a bit bland, but scrambled nicely. The Nueske’s bacon was nice and crispy and satisfied that bacon craving. The pork barbecue wasn’t like Carolina barbecue, let’s just say it’s a good thing Texas barbecue is beef. They weren’t seasoned all that much, but they were still cooked nicely and filled you up. The sausage patty was actually amazing. The seasoning in the sausage was really complimentary and I had to slow down eating it so I could save it as my last bite. 

Pictured below is the Good Egg White Omelette. This is the menu item with the delicious goat cheese. The mushrooms and onions were cooked beautifully and the open faced omelette was delicious. The garlic toast was fabulous and really complimented the whole dish, a good side for this menu item. 

Lastly, we got an order of the Donut Dippers. How can you go wrong?! It came with a delicious fresh fruit compote. The crystal sugar is a bit heavy so I would suggest brushing some of that off unless you’re into it. They were cooked beautifully and our batch was hot and fresh out of the kitchen. They were nice and crisp on the outside but dense and soft on the inside. 

Overall Brewed is a really cool Fort Worth spot to just catch up with friends, whether it’s for brunch or in the evening when it converts to a bar. Brewed is a classic Instagram worthy restaurant serving delicious food and providing a great atmosphere.