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Knife Burger- Fort Worth, TX

Hello readers! Wow, I’ve been in a ballet hole for a while therefore I’ve been neglecting this fun little blog. Thank you for your continuous support and reading, be sure to follow my Instagram!

Now to the meat of the blog (I’m quite punny) I have been waiting for what seems like an eternity for this: the Fort Worth Food Hall is officially open! This has been a huge topic in Fort Worth and with it open now I had to get myself in there!

Located in the West 7th district of FW, the hall boasts everything from shawarma to poke bowls and cheesecakes to decadent waffles. These chefs mostly came into the food hall after operating food trucks, so a strong name was needed to spear head the project…Knife Burger.

The baby of Knife in Dallas, Knife Burger is owned by John Beard award winning chef John Tesar. Some of you may also know him from his Top Chef days! I’ve been dreaming of going to both Knife and Knife Burger, so when I found out Tesar’s baby was coming to the Fort I made a point to get myself there ASAP!

The entire food hall is incredible, but Knife Burger takes the cake. Featuring a bar next door and holding the most space you know they are the anchors for the food hall. The cubicle type spacing is small, but an appropriate size.

The way Knife Burger works is you have two options: pink or no pink. They don’t do any in betweens, so for the first time I did a no pink Ozersky Burger which is their classic American cheese burger with red onions. Naturally I got fries to go with it! These burgers are a little on the expensive side, but remember it’s a James Beard award winning chef’s restaurant.

The burger itself was quite small, a bit of a disappointment. I definitely could have gotten a double and finished it off. The cheese was incredible, gooey and melted over the burger. The bun was toasted perfectly and was fluffy. The meat was good, but because I went the no pink route it was a bit overdone for my burger liking. I definitely would like to try their pink burger and see how rare or medium it really is. The burger bun was really salty, which for me I didn’t mind, but for others I could see it being too salty.

These fries…these fries are the crispy strands of goodness. Every fry was fried to perfection, crispy and soft inside. And every single one was crispy, no mushy French fries were found! Praise! These fries were very salty like the burger bun, but I like a salty fry! I could see it being too much for some though, something to consider as a chef/restaurant. Overall, I will definitely be going to Knife Burger for my 1am salty fix!

Knife Burger met my expectations, even if it did fall short in some areas. The burger was a bit small and the restrictions on the cooking level are not ideal, but all in all Knife Burger was great. They were timely firing food out as well and the workers welcomed you and took your order with a smile. I look forward to coming back and trying some of the other burger options and soon other options in the Food Hall.

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Hopdoddy- Fort Worth, TX

Another burger joint has graced Fort Worth, sharing their fresh ingredients and spreading community outreach within the city. Hopdoddy has made an impression on Fort Worth after only been open for three months. From the fresh and delicious food to the overall atmosphere, Hopdoddy is a great addition to the city.

Located on West 7th, across from the Barcadia/Parkside area, is Hopdoddy. This area is just now being built up with new apartments and a grocery store just behind. The area is definitely growing and being close to downtown is another plus. The space is a decent size, the inside has a large round bar in the center with booths and tables along the perimeter. There is some outdoor seating, but certainly room for a couple more tables, including a long table for larger parties. The vibe inside is cool and relaxed, it isn’t terribly loud and attracted a nice, middle age crowd. 

It’s a ‘walk up counter’ service kind of place, it actually reminded me of Wahlburgers in terms of the idea, atmosphere and food. What’s great though is they take your party number when you enter and assign you a table number. You don’t have to worry about finding a table after ordering food and they do their very best to accommodate you. Service was actually really quick, too, that kitchen is obviously working hard to fire food. Once you sit, you do have a ‘waiter/waitress’ who comes around if you need anything or want to order anything last minute, which is much appreciated if you want to go back and get that milkshake (which you should do, definitely get one). They checked in on us very often and always had a smile. 

The food, again, was very similar to Wahlburgers. The ingredients all tasted very fresh and that burger was so juicy and cooked perfectly. I ordered the Goodnight/Good Cause burger. For every one of these burgers sold, Hopdoddy donates $1 to a charitable cause. They’ve raised over $700,000 so far, they are doing amazing things with this delicious burger. On the angus beef patty is Tillamook Cheddar, Caramelized Onions, Jalapeños, Hickory BBQ sauce, and their signature Sassy Sauce (a mayo based dressing). This burger was so good, all the flavors coming together and that juicy patty just dripping delicious between a toasted, soft, fluffy bun. A very notable menu item is the Impossible Burger and I suggest that you go ahead and Google it. Here is the gist of it: it cooks like meat, it looks like meat, it’s supposed to have a similar taste to meat, but it’s not meat. It’s 100% plant based and I hope/promise to eat one and write about it. The idea is intriguing and as someone who obviously loves meat, I gotta try this thing out. I’ve heard mixed reviews, from it being truly mind blowing to being “meh” so I want to try and be honest about it. 

To go with such a great burger what else are you gonna have other than fries? Oh but at Hopdoddy they don’t just have regular Kennebec potato fries, they have Parmesan truffle fries. Man oh man were these fries good! Thin cut, nice and crispy yet soft inside, the right amount of truffle and covered in delicious Parmesan cheese, how could you go wrong? The sweet potato fries were equally as amazing, giving local Fort Worth favorite Brewed a run for their money, in my opinion. 

The milkshakes are also amazing, strong flavors and thick, I would suggest getting one, whether to save for later or share with a friend. Check their Instagram as they have special burgers and milkshakes over a certain period of time! When I went their special was the Banana Shake- enjoy the picture below. 

Hopdoddy is already proving that they belong in Fort Worth. A town with a strong food culture, they are on my list of top places in town and certainly a place I’ll be recommending to people, locals and visitors alike. Hop over to West 7th and check them out, whether that’s before or after you’ve already checked out the mouthwatering menu online or on Instagram. 😉

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Laurino’s- Brewster, MA

Home. A lot of people think of their family when they think of home. The atmosphere, the people, the food. The same goes for restaurants. Yes, you remember the food if you’ve been to a great place, but many of us also remember the experience we had. Were the waiters/waitresses nice? Did the hostess greet you cheerfully? Were you told a wait time that fit the means of a normal time frame? Those are things that can make or break a restaurant just as much as the food being good or not. Laurino’s checks off everything and does it with love. 

Just off Route 6A sits Laurino’s, a humble and welcoming establishment on Cape Cod. We came here as a second choice actually, after our first choice treated us less than spectacular. We learned our lesson and know to make Laurino’s our first choice. From being greeted with a smile, to delicious food, to seeing hardworking people work together, you feel better knowing your money is going towards a restaurant like that than one with snotty hosts. 

The vibe at Laurino’s is that of home, with fun posters and pictures all around and a community feeling. They welcome all, seeing that we’ve taken my autistic sister here and seeing an autistic boy the night we went. Our waitress was bubbly and happy, exuding vibrant colors that made us feel cheerful and happy to be there. She made our experience amazing and we noticed all the waitstaff helping each other, from running plates to cleaning and turning over tables. True teamwork.

The food, on top of everything else, was superb. The SOB Burger was juicy and delicious, all the ingredients cooked perfectly. The specials that evening made it difficult to decide what to get, but one special that night screamed incredible. Scallops with tortellini in a red pesto sauce was just too good not to get. The tortellini had to have been homemade, with ample filling and tasty pasta. The scallops cooked to perfection, complimenting the tortellini in a delicious sauce that popped with flavor and spice (and everything nice).

From now on Laurino’s is the place, where everyone is welcome to enjoy drinks, food, and company. Ultimately that’s what matters when you go out to eat, not necessarily where everyone else goes, but the place that leaves you feeling bright and your tummy full. 

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Mighty Fine Burgers- Austin, TX 

I’ve done quite a lot of posts on burgers on here, and rightfully so, because a really good burger is food for the soul. Most of my burger posts are more “complex” or “fancier” with add ons and specials. Well this post is about a good, solid, greasy, basic burger. And what a Mighty Fine Burger it is.

It’s your classic burger place, picnic like tables inside with white and red checkered tablecloths. The location we actually went to was in Round Rock, just outside of Austin. However, this burger joint got its start in Austin and they are proud of it. The Round Rock location has a really lovely outdoor space with a little play area for the kiddos, which is appealing for all the shoppers in close proximity. 

The staff was just lovely, asking how our day was and exuding a joyfulness that leads you to believe they enjoy their job. 

Another notable and unique part of Mighty Fine is the hand washing system. Technically you’re supposed to wash your arms up to your elbows and so at Mighty Fine they have a “spa for your hands”, a machine that when you put your arms into it are sprayed with soap and water and bristles brush around your arms and hands. They even include stickers so you can let everyone know of your clean arms.

Now the food! This burger really is classic, no fancy stuff just good fresh ingredients and delicious beef. A warm soft bun to encompass the deliciousness and you’re golden. Speaking of golden, the fries! Nice and crispy with a soft center and fun crinkle to it. I suggest adding their seasoned salt for some extra flavoring.

It’s voted the best burger in Austin and I have to say this was one good burger. A classic, an American staple, and they’re Mighty Fine.

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Brewed- Fort Worth, TX

Brewed has quickly become one of the best restaurants in Fort Worth, best known for their brunch. I’ve had brunch plenty of times (see previous Brewed post), but they recently introduced a new dinner menu. Intrigued, a friend and I decided to try it out, featuring dishes with a twist and popular classics. 

Knowing how crazy Brewed can be, I called thirty minutes ahead to get my name on the list. Although it was a Tuesday night, at night Brewed is a gastropub featuring Texas on Tap, local Texan beers, so who would have guessed it would end up being a serene evening! We walked in and it was a glorious sight, calm and peaceful. It was refreshing to see the popular restaurant without a line out the door. 

I’ve always loved the atmosphere of Brewed. Hipster and chic, the decor is something of a British flat almost. Fun posters with local information and comfy sofas and chairs make an ambiance of tranquility. 

With their notable Texas on Tap, I ordered the Austin Eastciders Pineapple Cider from Austin, TX. When it came it certainly had a bright color to it and I was expecting a pineapple taste, but it didn’t come! It was a refreshing cider that had a hint of pineapple, but nothing strong. From the photo it looks quite fizzy too, but it wasn’t. It was cool and refreshing and tasted of fall. 

Now on to the food! We started with The Play on Wings, fried cauliflower bites served with housemade buffalo sauce, blue cheese dressing, celery and carrot sticks. The buffalo sauce certainly tasted homemade and it had quite a kick to it! With the dressing it was a great combination with the cauliflower bites. The dressing must have had a ranch base, it didn’t have an overly strong blue cheese taste which was great, it was very delicious. The cauliflower was amazing, I think the best thing I’ve had at Brewed, period. They were fried almost like a Chinese wonton or Korean fried. The cauliflower was cooked perfectly, soft but not chewy. They were a great texture and the fry was spot on. I could have the appetizer as my meal and be completely satisfied. 

As my entree I chose the fan favorite Brewed burger. Everyone always seems to talk about their burgers whenever I ask someone who has been for dinner, so it was time to weigh in. Wow, it’s certainly an amazing burger. With Veldhuizen Farm cheddar, house pickles, and mustard cream on a sweet challah bun, it’s hard not to go wrong. The burger was cooked perfectly, the pickles were extraordinary and tasted homemade, and the mustard cream was delectable. My only complaint would be that the bun was a little too burnt for my taste. I really like the idea of a bit of a charred bun, but it was just a tad too much. A smidgen less time and it would’ve been fantastic, giving extra flavor to each bite. 

Served with the burger is your choice of the duck fat fries or sweet potato fries. I love judging different restaurants sweet potato fries, I find they are always different when it comes to seasonings and the way they are cooked. These sweet potato fries were awesome. They were soft, which I love a good crispy fry, but the softness was suitable and still scrumptious. I don’t know what they did to the salt topped on them, but it didn’t seem to taste like regular salt, it was so much better. Perhaps it’s smoked salt, or seasoned a second way to bring an extra flavoring to them, I honestly couldn’t put my finger on it, but they were delicious and make my list of favorite sweet potato fries. 

Unfortunately I cannot comment on dessert (with Melt down the street it was hard to resist their comeback flavor Cheater, Cheater Pumpkin Eater) , but I know from word of mouth the Ricotta Fritters are a big fan favorite! 

Overall, the dinner experience at Brewed was lovely, which was a pleasant surprise. Not because the service is bad or the food isn’t good, but because it’s usually flooded with people anxious to enjoy the atmosphere and amazing food. The updated menu is fantastic, full of delicious choices for everyone. If you need a pick me up after a long Tuesday, Brewed would make a great place to meet up with friends or catch up on work. The coffee is still delicious and the staff is always friendly. Brewed will always be on my list of go to restaurants in Fort Worth, be sure to add it to your list, too!

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Orleans Public House- Orleans, MA

Vacations are a time to relax, be with the ones you love, and enjoy your favorite places to eat. When it comes to food, we tend to go to the same places because they are our favorites, they make great food, tradition, etc. It can be hard sometimes when you go on your yearly vacation to try a different place. It’s like “why would I go here when I need to get this dish at this restaurant?” Well, for you Cape Codders I have the restaurant that you need to make an exception for. 

I too fall victim to the ‘tradition restaurants’, but now that going to the Cape is a more frequent thing I can afford to save the favorites for actual vacations and try new places on the short trips! So this trip we decided to try Orleans Public House

Located on Cove Road, a bit off the beaten path, sits the little restaurant OPH. At first glance you can tell it’s a nice place, not necessarily made for the six crazy kids kind of place, but perfect for a casual yet fancy dinner. The main parking lot is pretty tiny, but there is additional parking across the street.

Upon walking in you immediately feel the warmth of the restaurant. Don’t worry there is air conditioning, but it has a sophisticated, welcoming feel to it. The dining area is pretty small, but there is a bar and outdoor patio, when available. The waitstaff were just darling, girls from Eastern Europe who come to America to work over the summer and pay their way through university. Props to them and their work ethic, the tips go a long way and I know makes me feel good knowing what the money is going towards. 

Onto the food: the restaurant had just changed their menu to the seasonal fall menu. I’m sure a good amount of the menu items are year round though. We started with the Shrimp and Grits. Living in Texas now, I said to my parents “I come all the way to Cape Cod to have grits” but these grits were something else. They were crispy and divided into three triangle patties. They were cooked beautifully and tasted amazing. The shrimp was also cooked beautifully. I’m not the biggest shrimp fan, but I could have ordered this as my meal and be happy as a clam. In the dish was also ham and fried brussel sprout leaves. Now ham is ham, hard to go wrong, but brussel sprouts can either be really good or not, depending on how you cook them. When you fry them, how could you! Again, not a brussel sprouts fan, but I could have eaten a plate of them. The sauce they came in was extraordinary too, be sure to save some bread to eat it all up (since licking the bowl is socially impolite). The chef really wowed us with this dish, and it was only the appetizer!

As a family we decided to order separate dishes, but we almost always share them around. We settled on the house made gnocchi, Public House burger, and cod cake sliders. 

Gnocchi can be a hit or miss, not every chef is capable of cooking them properly. However, this gnocchi was cooked to perfection. I’m going to use that word a lot in this post, but this meal truly was perfect. It came in a fall vegetable ragout with pan roasted mushrooms, parmesan, and truffle essence. Now I would say, if you’re not a truffle fan (truffle=mushroom), then I wouldn’t recommend this dish. Between the amount of mushrooms and the extra essence it was very ‘truffly’. If you are a fan, though, I highly recommend this fall menu item.  

I’ve had my share of burgers, as you can see from my past posts, so when this burger came out I was truly amazed.  I ask that you all, before, continuing to read, quickly refer to my Cape Cod Food Trail post and read about the Rock Harbor Burger. Have you read it? Proceed:

The Public House burger was better. From the first moment it was placed in front of me to the last bite, this burger was better. The meat was cooked superbly, each ingredient complimented each other, you got everything in one bite and it worked harmoniously. The house pickles were definitely house made, they were actually sweeter pickles than I expected, but they weren’t overly sweet. The bacon bourbon aioli and smoked jalapeño ketchup really gave the burger a nice smoky flavor, so much so you would have thought they had a smoker in the back. The bun was also very complimentary, it wasn’t dense and didn’t make the burger feel like this huge monster as you ate it, it just condensed and fluffed up as you enjoyed it. With the burger we got the parmesan truffle fries and they were fried exactly the way you want them. Not as good as the Sesuit Harbor fries (see previous post) but very close. The truffle wasn’t overpowering either, which can be another thing chefs tend to overuse, but this chef really knows his stuff and knows when to stop adding.  


The third entree we ordered was the Cod Cake Sliders. How can you not eat cod on Cape Cod? The sliders were an excellent portion, three was even too much! Of course you nibble on the fries at the same time, which are equally as delicious. The cakes were cooked beautifully, they had a nice crispy fry. As you bit into the slider, the inside was soft and full of tender cod. The funniest thing about the cod cakes was there was something the chef used, a spice, that we just couldn’t figure out! Our last prediction was thyme, but please if you go and get it, comment what you think it may be! 

Being that this was their fall menu, the dessert and drink menu had fall inspirations. Everything was pumpkin spice and fall flavors. With that being said, how could we even pass over the thought of Pumpkin Spice Gelato? Now, let’s be real, pumpkin doesn’t really have a taste. It’s the cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and other fall spices that makes it ‘pumpkin’. Still, it all tastes of fall and it’s hard to resist those flavors. The gelato was very delicious, it was denser than ice cream however it certainly didn’t take me back to Italy… For those who don’t know gelato starts with the same base as ice cream, but has a higher milk proportion and less cream and eggs (or no eggs at all). Gelato is also churned at a slower rate so there is less air being incorporated into the gelato leaving it denser than ice cream. Again, it was delicious, but I think they used the word ‘gelato’ to make it sound fancy. The spices were not overpowering, there was a nice hint of them. It came with a delicious ginger snap that was soft and complimented the ice cream wonderfully.

Orleans Public House is definitely going to become a regular vacation restaurant, at least the fall menu convinced me! I am assuming, with having a fall menu, this means it’s a year round restaurant. You never know with the Cape though, it may close come October/November. When it’s the Cape Cod season it may be hopping, but we won’t know until next year! It’s off the beaten path, but Orleans Public House is worth the adventure…and the food!